Each eyewear is entirely handcrafted in Italy and made with passion by the expert hands of Italian artisans. This translates into an elegant and refined product that contains all the quality and authenticity of the Italian tradition.

Designed for a detail-oriented audience, these collections stand out for their shapes and colors. Round and square glasses with a unique and pleasant style and geometries with a decisive and delicate cuts designed to promote self-expression and tell something unique about you.

The harmony and elegance of our glasses comes from the passion for design combined with the Italian handcraft heritage and experience. The choice of high quality products and the use of the best components provide a long-lasting experience for people who loves to be unique and original.


Our production site is located in Calalzo di Cadore, where the manufacturing process transforms the preciousness of the raw materials into a product that is different from the logic of industrial production. Here, beauty is crafted in each eyewear, which is assembled by hand and entirely created using materials that reflect the highest quality standards.

We use high quality cellulose acetate to create iconic frames and lenses that guarantee 100% UV protection. Every masterpiece is designed, produced and assembled by hand.